Do you deliver to me?

YES!  The purchase price includes Australia wide delivery.  A tracking number will be supplied.

How do you goal posts go into the ground?

Each set of Backyard Footy Posts come with ground fixing posts - no digging required!  Full written and video instructions supplied.


There is a domestic warranty on all the components for 12 months.  Remember these are for your backyard, not for commercial use.

How do I assemble them?

Written instructions, diagrams and a link to an instructional video will come with your posts.  Beginner handy skills is all that is required!

Is it portable?

The set-up can be considered to be semi-portable, in that it is possible to take them to the park.  However, it may require a bit of effort to remove the ground fixing spikes.  Older kids may manage on their own but you will have to give the younger footballers a hand.

Are they safe?

These Backyard Footy Posts are designed and intended for kids to practice kicking goals.  If used in the intended manner, they are safe.

I live in a very windy area, will the goal posts be OK?

We have considered the Australian climate and feel our design withstands most conditions.  However, if the structure does disconnect at a join, it is easy to rectify.

What is your return policy?

The Backyard Footy Posts team are committed to supplying quality product and delivering on the motto "Keeping Aussie Kids Active".  We are confident you kids will love their goal posts.  We appreciate being contacted should have a query and allow us to rectify any issue promptly.

I care about Australian jobs.  Are Backyard Footy Posts made in Australia?

Most of the components and packaging are made in Australia.  We do our best to source everything locally.  There are a few parts that we need to import as they are not available here.

Any more questions feel free to send us an email kickagoal@backyardfootyposts.com.au or call Craig 0455 45 9966